Polyurethane Double Crawler Laminating Machine


Product Info
Structure The machine is durable, strongly constructed and precisely processed.
Production Polyurethane plates.
  • Product thickness has high precision. Level off the plates stably. It can used to improve production efficiency effectively.
  • Professional design heating conduit, template heat evenly. Can be 24 hour reservation template heating time and the security monitoring.
  • Can be set to ring prompt when finished.
  • The water heating causes the Polyurethane to adhere tightly to the sheet.
  • Way of Heating:Water Cycle.
Product Spec
Temperature 0 ~ 120 。C
Lenght of Dia 3 ~ 6 M
Thickness of Dia 50 ~ 150 mm
Volume 30 x 1.4 x 2.2 M